Endless Journey


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This image always takes me home, to a river bend I’ve known more than half my life. A band of caribou fords the Kobuk River on a sun-washed early autumn day; the first snow dusts the Jade Mountains and winter is coming fast. The seasonal movement of the western arctic caribou herd, 275,000 strong, is one of the great migrations on earth.

Nick Jans
HC 60 Box 2628
Haines, AK 99827


“The compelling, grounded account of a black wolf that stepped forward in the half-light between wilderness and civilization and the people who met him there. From the powerful first moments to a hard-won conclusion that becomes our journey, too, A Wolf Called Romeo is a book that carries long after the last page is turned.”
Susannah CharlesonAuthor of Scent of the Missing and The Possibility Dogs
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