Surprise Visitor




This lone musk ox bull showed up a couple hundred yards from my cabin in Ambler, a tiny Inupiaq Eskimo village on the upper Kobuk River. It was about the last thing I expected to see that day. Though generally homebodies, individuals like this bull sometimes travel far in search of new territory. Their normal habitat is on wind-blown steppes or along the western and arctic coasts.

Nick Jans
HC 60 Box 2628
Haines, AK 99827

“Beautifully written, A Wolf Called Romeo is a thoughtful and moving story about one of nature’s most evocative animals. Be forewarned: I read it cover to cover in one sitting late into the night. The author owes me a good night’s sleep; but it was well worth it.”
Patricia McConnellAuthor of The Other End of the Leash
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