Romeo the Friendly Wolf


New from Nick Jans!

  • Hard cover
  • 64 Pages
  • Published 2023
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New from Nick Jans!

A retelling of Romeo the wolf’s true saga in a unique photo storybook meant to be savored and shared. Combining Nick’s own images with his trademark prose, this 64-page, beautifully crafted hardcover book expands on the story of Juneau’s friendly wolf in a luminous, visual flow, accessible to readers of all ages.

Author’s Note

More than a decade ago, I completed A Wolf Called Romeo, the saga of the exceptional black wolf who socialized with dogs and people in Juneau, Alaska from 2003-2009. As years have passed, his story trots onward. This telling, through words and color images combined, reflects an attempt to capture this profound experience in all its dreamlike, lucid flow and to add perspective that can only come with time. All but a few of the images are mine, taken with a variety of camera gear, most of which would be considered quaint by today’s standards: a mix of slide film and early digital. All bear witness to the story as we lived it.


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Nick Jans
HC 60 Box 2628
Haines, AK 99827

“A Wolf Called Romeo is one of the best books I’ve read in a great many years. It gives heart-wrenching insight into an amazing animal, important insight into the shining side of our relationship with that animal, and important if bitter insight into the dark side….Riveting, a real page turner– one that years from now you will remember in all its detail. If you have only the time to read one book, read this one.”
Elizabeth Marshall ThomasAuthor of The Hidden Life of Dogs and A Million Years With You
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